Saturday, June 27, 2009


I was thrilled to see a fellow colleague publish her study: "Feldenkrais Method® Balance Classes Improve Balance in Older Adults: A Controlled Trial":

If you read through this study you will find a good definition of the Feldenkrais Method and the functional applications of this work using movement with attention to accomplish higher motor skills that are needed for balance. The Feldenkrais Method as defined by Connors et. al. is an exploratory learning approach in which participants are verbally guided through movement sequences aimed at improvement of body awareness and movement organization. The study had “26 participants in the treatment group engaged in twice-weekly Feldenkrais classes that were specifically tailored to address balance issues. The combination of exercises was named “Getting Grounded Gracefully” and lasted a total of 10 weeks. An “activities specific” questionnaire, a physical test known as the Four Square Step Test (FSST), and “self-selected gait speed” (walking speed) were assessed before and after the trial. All measures of balance and mobility were improved in the Feldenkrais treatment group. In addition, most of the active participants noted benefits with regard to body image and a greater ability to engage in everyday activities, such as walking pets and climbing slopes." Healthy Fellow:

Also this week I had the pleasure to see another colleague create a workshop called "High Heeled Boot-camp using the Feldenkrais Method". Here the instructor uses Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement™ lessons to assist women to wear high heels safely.

Two different applications that address balance needs using the Feldenkrais Method.

Lets face it, we all need to find better ways to balance and in my opinion there is no better approach than using the Feldenkrais Method.

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Andrew said...

Stacy: Terrific. We seem to just be scratching the surface of the possible applications for this work. Good to hear! --Andrew