Sunday, September 7, 2008


Recently I was sending out a request to write in to any newspaper publication to state their views on the campaign, and here was my response:

I was able to watch the Republican Convention with my 16 year old son and I watched how the attacks on someone that he felt strongly about, take effect. He is new to this political play, and with his much researched understanding about the unnecessary war, global warming and women's rights (don't underestimate the education our kids are getting), he was amazed that these issues were never addressed and instead his choice was torn down. Can we look at the big picture? Are we to be confused about the issues once again? We have the worst economy that I have experienced, we have a war that sucks all our resources out, we are not looked upon well in the global community, so is it not time to look at it differently? We have some huge issues at stake, and all of us need to look at it this way and push away the political war to get reunited. Obama seems to me a person that just may listen to the other side. My hope and vision is that Obama gets elected and appoints some very smart Republicans to come in and be a part of his cabinet so we can get this job finally done.

Here is what my son wrote when I asked him to write:

The fact that I am not old enough to vote has absolutely no effect on my views of our country. I am simply sixteen years old, but there is no certain age where you can see right choices from wrong. McCain and Palin do not seem to understand that America has reached its tolerance level. People have had enough of seemingly blind leadership. The hypocritical views of McCain and Palin are not the change that America so desperately needs right now. McCain, "the reformer" seems to think that voting with George W. 91% of the time is the change that our country is craving. This could not be farther from the truth. He has given tax credits to big oil companies, leaving the middle class mystified as to why he is giving these huge corporations more breaks. He used to be against the tax cuts set in motion by George W., but now he completely endorses them. He has recently flip-flopped on many other issues too. I though it was pretty interesting how the entire republican convention showed no effort to even bring up existing American problems and their views on how the issues should be solved. I did not hear them speak of the incredible, record breaking debt of 9 trillion dollars, or the heath care issues, or even global climate change, which undoubtedly will affect the United States. I don't care what governor Palin says, global warming is in effect, and there's no way that incredible amounts of pollution and exhaustion of resources cannot have any effect on the planet. Whether the consequences have an enormous effect or a small one, I believe we are definitely contributing to the temperature. The climate has risen 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since the industrial revolution, says National Geographic. Senator Obama understands this and other present problems. I believe that Obama knows how to approach and face the issues that exist in modern day middle class homes. He has experienced growing up and living without a contorted view of how actual American communities live. John McCain has seven houses, how can he possibly be in touch with the common man? I can see why big corporate business owners would like him. Quite honestly, my parents are considering moving to another country if our nation continues its quick descent. I hope that the American populace can realize that Senator Obama has the altruistic ideals that are necessary to keep our country together.

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