Sunday, May 3, 2009

Feldenkrais® for professionals

Another wonderful group attended the Feldenkrais® for Fitness course yesterday. When the introductions were made around the room, we all smiled knowing that the day was going to be a fun experience for all of us. The room was filled with many credentialed specialists, from DPT's, OT's to high end yoga instructors...
Their backgrounds were very diversified and they came ready to learn about something they didn't know about. I could not have stepped into a better place to have them explore the Feldenkrais Method®. The Feldenkrais Method is an educational work that will allow you to explore movement by experimenting and processing small movements to promote a better way of moving. 
Initially, the responses were familiar, how could such small movements, and such gentle touch be so effective? How do I translate this into my field? You mean if I just listen with my hands I can actually help someone? But as the day moved on I could tell they were getting it. Smiles were more prominent and there was an easiness in learning and exploring. The students were truly having fun while they were learning. 
We also watched movement differently when we observed Feldenkrais on some YouTube videos. There was some shifting gears while we observed and considered to promote movement to happen from within a person rather than making it happen by other means.
There has been a true shift in the professional field in regards to learning the Feldenkrais Method. I look forward to many new colleagues coming on board, thank you feldy students.
We are all just learning, thank goodness...

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