Sunday, April 26, 2009

Feldenkrais® and a Reunion

I had a wonderful experience this weekend. I was able to attend a reunion of my old alumni, CSUN Physical Therapy school. I was also able to connect with a very dear friend and colleague. We drove together and talked non stop about kids, parents, husbands, etc. So one of the best parts was when she launched into wonderful questions about the Feldenkrais Method. I have always had the greatest respect for this colleague from the day we met and became friends and class mates. I got so excited, that I got winded most the time just sharing insights to the value to this work on a clinical level, self growth and more.
We toured the new PT dept. with fun curiosity, talked to the current PT students, and then made it over to the school's reunion. We talked to some other PT's from other classes, then went right back to the conversation of Feldenkrais. 
This concluded by saying good bye with a short FI on the Smartroller™, hugs and promises to keep in touch.
I could not have had a better time.

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