Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have been working with a new site to specifially address classes and references that relate to what I teach. This is an interesting venture since I have other websites, but as I grow in more than one direction, I need to follow ways to explore how to send new out going information. Just recently returning from teaching in Japan, my Feldenkrais training resurfaces in so many ways to adapt to my new environment.

I was told recently from a patient that she had difficulty finding something postive to think about.  If we can shift our perspective to look past the negative in flow of information and follow what seems to give our bodies a sense of well being, we can help negate the negative influences that pull us down. Try and search for the feelings that lifted us up. Listen to music that was a part of you when you had optimism about the future. Take a walk and look for something that interests you. It is amazing how this influences a basic organic connection in the brain, neuroplasticity, and find a way to work it to your benefit.


Ryan Nagy said...

I hear you. It can be difficult to fit all of our "identities" or perhaps "brands" under one website.

I like what you are doing here.

- Ryan

feldypt said...

Thanks Ryan, sorry for such a delayed response.