Saturday, March 20, 2010

Feldenkrais® on the Golf Course

I have had the privilege over the last 15 years to spend a day giving hands on therapy to golfers that are playing to honor the Police and Fire Department Memorial Foundation. This one was hosted for the South Bay at the Los Verdes Golf Course and Century City PT was invited to donate Physical Therapy. The weather was spectacular. I am at the first tee, and this was my view as I worked with the golfers.My services were to offer manual therapy to the participants as they played through and I used this opportunity to integrate the Feldenkrais Method to assist many of them to find ways to move better. I incorporated the gym ball and the Smartroller® to improve such things as their shoulder turn while they reduced their effort to avoid over gripping their club. Many of the players had over use injuries and I used small movements with my hands that lead them to find alternative ways to use other parts of their bodies to change their movement habits. They even found better ways to balance as they swung their clubs. This is done in a matter of a few minutes. That is what is so amazing when you improve body awareness. The results are instant, and can be long lasting if the client is able to notice the changes they make. Golfers are generally interested in noticing themselves to improve on the links. That is why I enjoy working with golfers. Even though they can be a bit superstitious about exploring something new, they are often excited when you can show them how to golf easier and how to avoid strain. I tell them that golf was one of the very first mind body sports. In golf, if you are not mindful, your results are immediate and will let you know how you are doing. 

I look forward to next year. I am so fortunate that each year more golfers find my services and ask for more help.

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