Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Huffington Post and Feldenkrais®

Thanks to Michael Sigman, there was another posting about the Feldenkrais Method. see posting
Through his own perspective and despite his skeptism, the author was able to draw from his curiosity to explore a way to fully recover from injuries. Because his story is so personal and familiar, I watched it quickly go viral.  Many people spoke out with similar stories of chronic injuries. They not only appreciated the author's plight on wellness and recovery, but seemed to acknowledge how many different approaches there are to return to a pain free life. This is probably one of the most difficult areas that I see in my PT practice. That is, to help people go through all the self care tools they have been given and find the ones that seem to make the true difference. But, by starting with the Feldenkrais Method, people discover how to sense what is right for themselves. 
The Feldenkrais Method sounds like almost any new agey approach to improvement, but when you look more closely, you see it is about becoming a better learner. It is so simple. You move, you notice and you learn. "You discover that real sharpness comes without effort."(Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon).

"What you truly learn best will appear to you later as your own discovery."  (Moshe Feldenkrais)

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